Sunday, June 17, 2018

VBS - Live Different

VBS at our church is such a crazy, busy week. It was even a little more crazy this year, as Sweet Pea and Tiger Lily stayed the week with us so they could help volunteer. It was so neat serving in crafts together as a family. The theme this year was "Live Different" - encouraging kids to live for Jesus and not conform to the ways of the world. It has a theme that was a feel of Dr. Suess.

Each night has different spirit themes. It's so fun to do crazy hair and such.

It's great to hang out with our friends! Each person brings something unique to VBS.

Sydney just loves VBS week and I love watching her!

Each grade has small group leaders who take smaller groups to each place they are supposed to go. These people are amazing. They lead their kids each night and really connect with them! Sydney had some of the best leaders this year.

The last night is Family Night, which includes a carnival and program. 
This is something I shared on Facebook. It really wrapped up VBS for me. I can’t show you two of the faces in this photo. However, I can tell you they were the biggest surprise & blessing this week. They jumped into VBS & served in crafts all week as if this has always been their church. They loved on the kids, worked with the leaders & were a part of our family. We came in this week as a family of five. It was like throwing us in the deep end to see how we’d do. We just kept swimming! Our church loved on these girls this week in a beautiful way. They not only included them without question, but they mentored them, built them up & loved on them. This week changed these girls - quite literally - as they changed the last name on their tags to ours so we could be identified as family. What a week! The girls will officially move in next week. We know that we will have hard, difficult days, but every day will be good because I will be grateful we are together.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer at the university

It's been a busy summer already! We are so appreciative of the local university and the opportunities it offers. We've been taking advantage of that. Sydney spent a week at engineering camp. She loved it! It was a great opportunity for Sydney to learn more about engineering and also get familiar with the campus.

The largest Texas history museum in the state is at the college. They had a neat event, Night at the Museum. It was fun to explore the museum in the dark with our flashlights and seeing actors bring the exhibits to life.

We went back the next day so the big girls could explore too. It was fun to see it right after in the light of day. We also went swimming at the college that weekend, but I can't share those photos. We are so fortunate to live near a university. 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sydney at 7 1/2

Sydney turned 7 1/2 and was so excited. With everything going on, we've been trying to make sure she is getting plenty of love and attention.

Last year we didn't do our usual family dinner because we went on vacation. It was so fun to get back to tradition. We did our usual half cake with a family dinner. Aunt Sheila and Uncle Edward came over, as well as Sweet Pea and Tiger Lily. Here is an update on Sydney at 7 1/2.

Sydney, you are an amazing girl! You are still so compassionate and loving. You are really coming into your own and blossoming. While the changes in our family are an adjustment for everyone, you are so committed and loving. You want to welcome your sisters and add to our family. I even see you learning from us. You set up a foster family in your playroom. It is so sweet to see you embrace this time in our lives.

You love to read and draw. You really love non-fiction and learning new things. You are a passionate person. There is a lot of things you care about, and you come up with new passions often.You love bees and pollinators, and recently worked to make things better for them. You made a flier and copied it to pass around to the public.
You want to be an engineer and really enjoy building things. You like Legos a lot and recently made a lego restaurant that you were so proud of! You and your summer sitter also made a huge cardboard house! You make inventions all of the time, using whatever materials you can find and piece together. We love seeing you get so creative. You went to engineering camp at the university this summer, and we were excited for you to get a chance to meet engineering professionals and learn about the different aspects of engineering.

You enjoy seeing your friends, and are a very good friend. You enjoy going to the library programs because you get to see your friends from school and visit. You were very excited about the program featuring horses in which your music teacher was there.

It's a joy watching you grow up! You are full of energy, life and love. You have always been compassionate and sweet, and you just continue to thrive in those areas. 


Favorite thing to learn in school? Writing & Reading

What are you most looking forward to in second grade? Writing better sentences

Favorite book? Rosie Revere Engineer

Favorite animal? Penguins

Favorite food? Mashed potatoes & chicken

Favorite color? Hot pink & black
Favorite place to be? Great Wolf Lodge
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Sydney, Australia
Favorite thing to do with Mom? Cuddle
Favorite thing to do with Dad? Play Legos 
What do you want to be when you grow up? An engineer

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

An update on our family

A few weeks ago we had some momentum going in our efforts to foster and hopefully adopt. We decided to open our home to siblings, both in junior high. 

That very day we were notified that there were a pair of sisters who might be a good fit. We met them and really clicked. We can't share a lot of details, ages, photos of their faces or names. However, we have nicknames for them and will share what we can.

We got to spend an evening with Tiger Lily on the last day of school. We did our traditional bowling with the Ws. It was a great time, and it was neat to see her just step right in.

A few days later I got to hang out with Sweet Pea! We got to talk about how things were going and got our nails done.

The girls have gotten to hang out with us a few times, and will continue to for a few weeks. They will be moving in this summer, and we are excited to welcome them in our family. We know not every day will be easy, but we are ready for whatever may come our way. We are also excited to see our family change and grow. We really appreciate all of the support!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Wrapping Up May

We had a busy month, but it's been fun. Sydney saw a tiny portion of the royal wedding and decided we needed to do a tea party. So, we had an awesome time.!

In an effort to give her more personal time with me, we also went roller skating. It was great watching Sydney learn something new.

I was excited to be able to help with a game for the first grade end of the year party. I love hanging out with Sydney's friends! After overseeing the game I brought of getting marbles out of ice by their toes, the kids got to eat snow cones. It was a fun time!

Then, before, we knew it, it was the last day of school. Can't believe how fast the year went by, but it was great!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

We spent nearly all of Saturday with my Aunt Sheila. She's the closest thing we have to my mom. It was so nice to just hang out at her house, play games and eat lunch. It was an awesome time and really filled our heart.

Since my mom died, I haven't gone to church on Mother's Day. It's just very hard. The last holiday we had with my mom was Mother's Day and she died less than two weeks later. So on top of being Mother's Day, it's just hard memories. I'm not mad or anything, but I find myself pretty emotional and even getting a bit bitter if I go out on Mother's Day. So I give myself some grace and take that day "off." Well, since we were in Amarillo all day, Sydney and I decided to go to church Saturday night. We were dressed very casual, but I love that our church is OK with that. It was good to go to church, take in the Word and spend time with our church family. Sydney put together a flower pot and planted a flower in children's church. It was a good way to get back into church on Mother's Day, without going on Sunday.

John went to church to lead our greeters ministry and to work all day, but not before he made me an awesome breakfast of steak and eggs.

I loved the card Sydney made at school! It was so sweet! It says:
"My mom is as pretty as a daisy. She as sweet as a nice big carrot cake. She is as smart as a scientist. But most of all she is as special as love!"

We also visited our sweet friend, Janet. She really has been there for us the past few years. We are blessed to have her in our lives. Sydney even got to play in the water a bit, and Janet captured a photo of Sydney and i playing around.

After Janet's we went by Walmart, where I treated myself to some plants - rosemary and basil. We love fresh herbs, so i decided we'd grow some. We usually do during the summer months. 

I spent the remainder of the day relaxing. I watched movies, took a nap with Sydney and just relaxed. It was a nice, lazy day. Of course I missed my mom, but i also thought a lot about things we'd do together. I'm so grateful I had her as long as I did. She taught me so very much, and I'm blessed to have had her in my life.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Stepping into May

As usual, it's been a busy May. With school activities and summer weather setting in, it's always a busy time. We started off the month with a haircut for Sydney. She's grown her hair out for a long time, but was tired of the maintenance of it. So she asked a simple bob. It's so cute, and so easy to take care of!

Sydney got a little temporary job pet sitting for a friend. She has so much fun caring for the animals!

She has been doing really good in school, so she got to eat lunch in the classroom. John just happened to take her lunch that day, so he got to join her!

One of her dreams came true when she lost a tooth at school!

Sydney's class got to take part in the big Texas celebration at school. She loved getting to dress like a cowgirl, square dance and sing!

That day she didn't have enough of singing, as she went to the karaoke event at the library. She was the only one who showed up, so she got to put on a 30 minute concert.

Sydney and I went to see Katy graduate with her master's degree! Sydney ready an entire chapter book during the ceremony. I was so proud of her! We were very proud of Katy, too.

It was so nice to celebrate Katy and spend time with her and her family.

John has been meaning to take lunch to one of Sydney's sweet friends, so he finally did that. He enjoyed having lunch with both girls and hanging out with Sydney's friends.