Monday, May 1, 2017

This & That

This month got off to a sharp start when I badly cut myself with a kitchen knife. Fortunately, Payton and Sydney were a great emergency team!

They even signed my dressing for me.

On Professional Administrative Assistants Day, we were surprised with these sweet flower arrangements on our desk. It's so nice to work with such wonderful people.

Aunt Crystal took Sydney to see Sesame Street Live!

I was a little concerned Sydney was too old for this production. However, she loved it! I think she's dealt with so much in her young life that it was nice to just let go and be a little kid for two hours. I'm so glad she got to do that, and had so much fun.

 Payton and Sydney played some music! I love watching them collaborate.

We had a very cold, rainy day after church one weekend. Sydney spent the day in her blanket fort letting her imagination run wild. Loved seeing her mind go to work and have fun!

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