Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sydney Goes to First Grade

Well, we have a first grader! It's been a long summer, and I think we were all kind of ready to get back into a routine.

The weekend before school started, we had some fun. Sydney and I did face masks and nails, as well as getting some photos ready to put in her little locker.

 A couple of days before school, we went to Meet The Teacher. Sydney just adored Mrs. Heard. She is a seasoned teacher, which I really like, but this is her first year of teaching first grade. She's been a fourth grade teacher for a while. Sydney was also excited that her friend Jonathan was in her class!

Then the big day came! Sydney was so excited, and got up happy and ready to take on the day. Before her feet hit the floor she told me about some advice a friend from our life group told her at church. She said "I'm going to do what Ms. Lamar told me - get out there and make friends!"

The local university football players were at the front of the school, giving the kids high fives and lots of encouragement.

The school had some neat signs outside, as well. Sydney and Klara are not in the same class this year, but they got to see each other in the cafeteria that morning. Sydney is also excited that her friend, Tevin, is in her class.

After school we got did our annual trip to get ice cream. Sydney thought the first day was boring, as they went over procedures and rules. However, by the second day she was much happier and ready for the year.

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  1. She looks very ready in the first day pics. :) Hope her teacher is great!