Sunday, June 17, 2018

VBS - Live Different

VBS at our church is such a crazy, busy week. It was even a little more crazy this year, as Sweet Pea and Tiger Lily stayed the week with us so they could help volunteer. It was so neat serving in crafts together as a family. The theme this year was "Live Different" - encouraging kids to live for Jesus and not conform to the ways of the world. It has a theme that was a feel of Dr. Suess.

Each night has different spirit themes. It's so fun to do crazy hair and such.

It's great to hang out with our friends! Each person brings something unique to VBS.

Sydney just loves VBS week and I love watching her!

Each grade has small group leaders who take smaller groups to each place they are supposed to go. These people are amazing. They lead their kids each night and really connect with them! Sydney had some of the best leaders this year.

The last night is Family Night, which includes a carnival and program. 
This is something I shared on Facebook. It really wrapped up VBS for me. I can’t show you two of the faces in this photo. However, I can tell you they were the biggest surprise & blessing this week. They jumped into VBS & served in crafts all week as if this has always been their church. They loved on the kids, worked with the leaders & were a part of our family. We came in this week as a family of five. It was like throwing us in the deep end to see how we’d do. We just kept swimming! Our church loved on these girls this week in a beautiful way. They not only included them without question, but they mentored them, built them up & loved on them. This week changed these girls - quite literally - as they changed the last name on their tags to ours so we could be identified as family. What a week! The girls will officially move in next week. We know that we will have hard, difficult days, but every day will be good because I will be grateful we are together.

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