Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fall, festivities & fun for October

It was a very busy October. We had a lot of seasonal fun! Because I scheduled this to publish after adoption day, I can show you my kids! Most on adoption day in a following post in a few days.

We went to the library to paint pumpkins!

We got to spend time with our dear friends, the Ws, as Ava got baptized!

Sylvia got to go to her first college football game with John, as well as Uncle Ed, Aunt Sheila and their granddaughter!

We attended the annual Holy Smokes at our church! We weren't on a cooking team this year, but we were plenty involved. John spent the day helping set up. All three girls, as well as myself, baked items for the bake sale. We enjoyed the fun and fellowship of the event, too!

I got a much needed break from the chaos of life! A local business offered foster moms a great deal on their relaxation room, which emits salt to help improve breathing and health. The sweet massage therapist also volunteered her time, working for tips only. It was the most amazing night. It was great to visit with other foster moms, as well as truly relax. Thank you Third Coast Salt!

We attended a few fall festivals and events for Halloween. Sylvia was 11 from Stranger Things. Nici was Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Sydney was the title character from the book Rosie Revere Engineer.

A small group from a local church wanted to support foster families by providing pumpkins and supplies for pumpkin carving. We were one of two families invited to participate. It was amazing! It helped us so much, as they purchased the pumpkins and provided all of the supplies. Plus, there were plenty of people there to help me with the girls. We are so very thankful for this little event.

We had a fun Halloween night at the Ws. Nici went to youth group and had a great time. We enjoyed our friends and good food!

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